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We think that our cheese is something very special and that it is more than just a product. Our cheese and the love and diligence we dedicate in order to produce it are inseparably connected. Therefore we are a family farm; therefore we produce our cheese manually and therefore we are happy about the following memberships:

Slow Food Germany

“With the subject of slowness, serene rhythms, food variety, and relationship with the point of origin, Slow Food very steadily developed a distinct theory, a peculiar philosophy.”
(Carlo Petrini, founder and president of Slow Food)

Since 2004 we are a member of Slow Food Germany.
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True to the motto “Where rock and water accompany you” the hiking trail “Eifelsteig” runs through an exciting and appealing landscape – from the plain north near the city of Aachen along the plateau “Hohes Venn” and the secluded valley of the river Rur, past impressive water reservoirs and the national park “Eifel”, through “Kalk-“ and “Vulkaneifel” to the very southern parts of the Eifel-region.

313 kilometres “Eifelsteig” – that means over 300 kilometres of varied and close-to-nature trails with a high share in natural paths, terrific views and many changes of formation. 

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Host of “Geopark Vulkaneifel”

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