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Our Goats

In the past, goats were kept in the Eifel as convenient and frugal animals in order to secure only one’s own basic supply. Professional and agricultural goat breeding in the Eifel was – and still is – rather an exception. Therefore, it was a risk when we started goat husbandry in 1995.

Today, our farm is the home of our goats of the breeds White German Goat and Coloured German Goat.    

In Germany, the White German Goat is known under this name – due to its white coat – since 1928. It is mostly kept in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein. Within the husbandry in the Eifel-region, this breed has been existing for at least 80 years. White German Goats yield around 1.000 kg milk per year.

The Coloured German Goat has evolved from a cross from several brown-coloured goats. It is known under its name also since 1928.

Both breeds are extremely fertile, resistant, and long-living. They yield milk that is especially high on protein and fat – which is important for the making of our cheese delicacies.

While visiting our farm, you have the opportunity to meet our goats “face-to-face” – you will be charmed immidiately. Standing on a platform, you can admire the entire flock.