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Ordering our goat cheese

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order single products or sorts of cheese directly from us – due to sales related reasons. Sale is carried out only by our farm shop and the shops we deliver our products to.

However, you have the opportunity to order a gourmet box filled with a large variety of our products for  the price of 49,50 € (post-paid). The box can be ordered by phone or by this form, only within Germany, without islands and contains the following products:

Gourmet Box “Vulkanhof”: 49,50 €

- 1 cup of goat’s cream cheese “Eifelfrische”
- 1 cup of goat’s soft cheese “Eifelmilde” in oil with herbs
- 1 pc. of Camembert: goat’s soft cheese “Eifelmilde” with mold
- 1 pc. of pomace brandy cheese: goat’s soft cheese “Eifelmilde” with red smear and pomace brandy wrapped by a vine leaf
- 1 pc. of red smear cheese: goat’s soft cheese “Eifelmilde” with red smear
- 1 pc. of goat’s hard cheese “Eifelwürze”: younger than five months, mild
- 1 pc. of goat’s hard cheese “Eifelwürze”: older than five months, strong
- 1 can of goat’s Mettwurst: strongly flavoured sausage from raw minced goat, which is preserved by curing and smoking       
- 3 chocolate candies

Shipping happens only against cash in advance and is carried out by refrigerated transport. Delivery must be guaranteed; double delivery must be paid.

Distributors and caterers, who are intersted in our products, are kindly asked to contact us. Any information on our conditions of delivery and shipping as well as on an up-to-date list of prices is available on request.