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Received awards

Here, you can download information on some of the awards we received until now.

    Design Award of Rhineland-Palatinate

    We are very happy about having received this award: In 2004 we were awarded for our corporate design by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

    The jury says: “That is exactly the way small companies should always present themselves: all of a piece, and with a design that achieves in a simple way exactly what should be achieved. In this case, the design works up your appetite for cheese, which appears to be fine and natural at the same time. A homemade country-product of premium quality – thus the cheese is presented. Put in a samll effort, achieve a huge effect. Enjoy your meal!”

    Agent: University of Applied Sciences Trier
    field: design-body-space, Prof. Anita Burgard
    design: Kristin Donath